The Songs

The Empty Cans have recently released their second album “Beautiful Man”.  The album contains nine songs – eight are originals, and the album features the drumming by the late Paul Wegman on seven of the album’s songs.  If you don’t already own it, you can purchase the album at CD Baby.  Listen to the Empty Cans on Spotify and YouTube!

The Studio Song
written by Johnny “Mack” Mackniskas ©2012

Oh what fun it is to play in the studio. Johnny Mack captures all the fun in this song that features Johnny Mack on electric guitar and lead vocals, Dave Glynn on rhythm guitar and backing vocals, Rich Van Ham on harmonica, Paul Wegman on drums, Jim ‘Chevy’ Chevalier on bass, Ray Rehberg on electric guitar and Todd Moffett on backing vocals.

Taking This Pain
written by Dave Glynn ©2012

Love can be painful. What more can be said? Dave leads this one on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, J-Mack on a Mike Campbell-esque lead guitar, Ray Rehberg on mandolin, Rich on harp, Paul on drums, Chevy on bass. Dear Mr. DJ, we think this is a big pop ballad with a bullet!

All I Got
written by Dave Glynn ©2012

What’s love got to do with it when you have money? This song was inspired by Steve Fossett and his very young wife encouraging him to do daring things. Ray clangs the mandolin, Richie on harp, JMack on lead guitar, Paul on drums, Chevy on bass and Dave on the lead vocals and acoustic.

The Ocean
written by Johnny “Mack” Mackniskas ©2012

This song is about a run-away chick singer who’s in trouble (you can even hear the sirens), and we think it’s pretty cool . Johnny plays lead guitar, Ray on guitar, Dave on rhythm acoustic and backing vocals, Richie on harp, Chevy on bass, Paul on drums, Todd on backing vocals.

The Bitter End
written by Dave Glynn ©2012

I’m schizophrenic, and so am I. You’ll notice that’s a common theme in Dave’s songs on this album. A different version of this song appeared on the Made In Aurora: Now Here This – Volume I along with the next track “New Country Woman”. The line-up for this one has Dave on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Richie on harp, Johnny on lead guitar and backing vocals, Ray on mandolin, Paul on drums, Chevy on bass and Todd on backing vocals.

New Country Woman
written by Johnny “Mack” Mackniskas ©2012

This song was written by Johnny and was inspired by his Moms old record collection which included a lot of Roger Miller and Johnny Cash. Johnny on lead vocal and gut-string guitar, Dave on acoustic, Rich on harp, Ray on mandolin, Chevy on bass, Todd on vocals. We channeled the Jordanaires on the backing vocals for this one.

Gemini Girl
written by Dave Glynn ©2012

Dave wrote a version of this song back in the early 90’s that resembled “Still the Night” by the Bo Deans. Ray started playing a reggae riff when Dave tried to resurrect the song for the Cans. It kinda went crazy-Rasta from there. Dave had to ask JMack to tone down the horns in the mix several thousand times. Fun song, fun girl. Dave still isn’t sure which one he was dating back in the day. Dave on lead vocals, JMack on lead guitar, vocals and synth horns, Ray on guitar, Rich on whirling-devilish harp, Todd on percussion and vocals.

Slam ’em Down
written by Tad Walters ©1988 and ©2012

This has always been an Empty Can Band favorite. It’s probably why some of the cans have stayed empty. Don’t try this at home. Johnny on lead vocals and lead guitar, Richie on harp, Dave on rhythm electric guitar, Chevy on bass, Paulie on drums, Ray on electric guitar, Todd and everyone we know on backing vocals.

Beautiful Man
written by Johnny “Mack” Mackniskas and Dave Glynn ©2012

This is the second song that Johnny and Dave wrote together – the first being Christmas in A-Towne for the second Made In Aurora compilation. The song is about our friend who is no longer with us. This entire album is dedicated to him. Johnny on vocals and piano, Dave on vocals, Richie on harp, Ray on 12-string guitar, Chevy on bass, Todd on vocals and Paulie in spirit.

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