About the Cans

The Empty Can Band is environmentally safe and all about fun. Their crowd-pleasing repertoire is delivered with great enthusiasm every night they perform. The boys originally got together to have a good time jamming and gradually were drafted to play benefits for good causes around the community. One thing led to another, and now they rock the house regularly at Fox Valley and Chicago area nightclubs. They have performed regularly at the House of Blues and the Emerald Isle in Chicago, the Roundhouse and Mike & Denise’s in Aurora, O’Brien’s in Batavia and Rosie O’Grady’s and Bandito Barney’s in Dundee, Illinois. Their past summer festival performances include opening for Koko Taylor, Marshall Tucker, The Outlaws and Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees.

Chevy, Johnny, Rich, Todd and Dave

About our members…

Dave Glynn, the leader of the group, has been playing to Chicago area audiences for so long he’s got the gray hair to show it. Dave brings many of the original songs to the group and belts out the vocals while punishing the rhythm guitar. Dave does his best to keep things moving along to make for a crowd-pleasing evening of entertainment. As a solo artist, Dave toured the college circuit, i.e., Notre Dame, Loyola, College of DuPage, played the classic Chicago club circuit, i.e., Biddy Mulligan’s, Orphan’s, Earl of Old Town (his professional debut at age 15) and performed with recording artists Willy Porter, Kraig Kenning, and Cathy Braaten.

Johnny Mack, ECB Lead Guitarist, before the ECB, led the charge for the Speedways, and brings the ECB to the front of the stage. His searing leads and fast fingers make ECB sound like a real rock band. Johnny is a veteran player and producer who has rocked the house hundreds of times, he still has a few more nights left in him despite the fact the ECB is trying to kill him. Johnny, as a recording producer, helped bring Lucky Boys Confusion to the forefront. Johnny produced the Empty Can Band’s latest album, Beautiful Man and their first CD Still Alive.

James “Chevy” Chevalier recently took over as the band’s full-time bassist. Chevy plays with Ashton Creek, a popular Fox Valley band and is also member of the legendary and mysterious Dick Smith that features Dave Ramont and Dave Nelson (Heartsfield). Chevy performed with ECB band leader Dave Glynn for a number of years in the late 80’s to mid 90’s in the Dave Glynn Band which adds to good performance chemistry.

Rich Van Ham, the Harp Player, is the whirling dervish who gets the band movin’ and a groovin’. Rich has that go-to-hell attitude that you need on a Friday night after a crappie week on the job. Richie is the epitome of the ECB spirit. Give ’em hell Richie!

Todd Moffett, Drummer and Vocals, has had years of experience of holding down the beat. Todd has played with Ashton Creek and the Sofa Kings in addition to the Empty Can Band.  Todd’s strong vocals compliment Dave and Johnny.

You never leave the Empty Can Band.. past players include Ray Rehberg, who joined the band a couple of years ago as our third guitarist, but Ray also plays mandolin. He offers some tasty accents to the band’s sound and still gets recruited to play a gig now and then.  And so does our retired Bassman and founding member of the band JD Klatt. JD has been and always will be a tried and true member of the Empty Can Band.

Paul Wegman, our drummer, will be remembered by us very fondly. Paulie is the “Beautiful Man” and we miss him so.

For booking, contact Dave Glynn via E-Mail!

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