A Few Empty Cans at Woodstock 50 at The Venue this Saturday and Blackberry Farm on Sat Aug 24th

Dave, with Todd and Richie will be kicking off Day Two of the Woodstock 50 show at The Venue on Saturday, August 17th at 4 PM.  We’ll be honoring Richie Havens, John Sebastian, Tim Hardin and Country Joe and The Fish. For more info, visit The Venue. The Venue will be hosting a two-day tribute to Woodstock featuring the best that the Fox Valley has to offer.  Sponsored by the Fox Valley Music Foundation, this will be wonderful time of peace, love & music!  Check out The Venue’s full schedule of music – great to have this in Aurora now!
On August 24th, the Empty Can Band will be performing at a Back to School Fundraiser for Rosary High School and Marmion Academy at Blackberry Farm.  Show begins at 6 pm, bring the grandkids! For more info, visit the Rosary High School Party in the Park site.
We’d love to see you at all of these events!

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