Wedding Set List

Set One Key Solo Harp

Into the Mystic D RVH G

Brown Eyed Girl G JD C

Rain King D/A RVH D

Empty Heart Blues A RVH/JM D

Every Day A JM/RVH D

Brown Sugar C RVH F

Long Train Runnin’(Todd) Em RVH D/A

Margaritaville D DG G

Moondance A Chevy/All D


Still the Night G JM C

Domino A RVH D

Ain’t No Sunshine Am JM/DG D

Beast O Burden A JM/RVH D

Set One (cont’d) Key Solo Harp

Mustang Sally C JM/RVH F

Trouble G C

Tomorrow’s Comin’ Dm JM/RVH Bb

Cry Love C RVH F

End of Set One – Guest artist invited up to perform

Set Two Key Solo Harp

Proud Mary C JM/RVH F

Intro: Bb/G – Bb/G – Bb/G – F

The Weight G RVH C

Feelin’ All Right B RVH E

Bittersweet G DG/JM C

Pink Houses G RVH C

New Country Woman D ?? G

No Ga-Dunk!

Wild Night E RVH E

Set Two (cont’d) Key Solo Harp

Ramblin’ Man G JM C

I Got Loaded G JM C

No Woman No Cry C RVH F

Jimmy and Jerry Lee E JM/RVH A

Wrong Way Bm ECB A

Bertha G RVH C

Folsum Prison Blues E JM A

Roadhouse Blues E RVH/JM/DG A

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